There are more than 100 million children globally who have lost the care from one or both of their parents. Approximately 33 million children live in orphanages and do not receive the care they need as they grow up. Many of the staffs and leaders in orphanages are often underpaid, they are not supported by the government, nor do they have access to quality education in care, or any education at all.

Decades of research in orphans demonstrate that the single most important factor in healthy child development is social-emotional interaction between children and caregivers. Education in attachment based care improves child development, even when increased resources are unavailable.    

FairstartDanmark promotes a free education system that is based on results from a network of volunteer international researchers. Fairstart training is already used in many different countries, including Indonesia, where the education is used in the country’s 8000 orphanages as a standard education program: Read more here.

The program offers quality online based education in care for staffs and leaders in their native language - volunteers have contributed to our work with 16 developing country program translations!

Therefore, the primary purpose of the FairstartDanmark association is to disseminate the Fairstart program in developing countries, train local instructors, and offer the program to local governments, NGO’s, foster care organizations, fugitive camps, etc.

Among other things, the purpose of the association is achieved by:

Welcome to FairstartDanmark

  1. Supporting the development and use of the training program FairstartGlobal to educate the caregivers of children without parents, especially those in developing countries.

  2. Expand the researcher’s network to keep Fairstart updated with the latest findings.  

  3. Providing financial resources to this work through membership fees, fundraising, events, etc.

  4. Promoting professional knowledge development and public awareness of FairstartGlobal, and set higher professional standards for childcare in Denmark and abroad.

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