We welcome your membership in FairstartDanmark.

When signing up for the FairstartDanmark association you contribute to enhance the training programmes. Fairstart Foundation improves children’s welfare and their daily care at orphanages and foster families worldwide.

You can join as an individual, or invite your whole family, or as a company/organization. We appreciate your enthusiasm and your involvement!

1.Send an email with your name (all names are needed, when signing up for a family membership), address and type of membership to the following info@fairstartdanmark.dk.

2.You will receive a confirmation with an account number.

3.You can also pay directly to the following account: SWIFT Code: JYBA DK KK / IBAN: number: DK8950610001083416.

Please remember to send an email with the following information: name, address and type of membership to info@fairstartdanmark.dk.

Sign up for a membership

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It’s so simple to make a difference

  1. Personal membership: 54 US Dollars in membership fee for two years

  2. Family membership: 54 US Dollars in membership fee for two years

  3. Business membership: 75 US Dollars or more, in membership fee for two years.

Training sessions for Hindus, Muslims and Christians - Fairstart is a multi religious and multi cultural tool

Signing of instructor certificates in Indonesia