FairstartDanmark is an independent association that works to create professional quality care for abandoned children globally. The aim of the association is to disseminate FairstartGlobal, which is a research-based online education for caregivers of children without parents. This aim is, among other things, achieved by supporting the development and implementation of the training program FairstartGlobal, especially reaching underprivileged government and orphanage/ foster care systems in developing countries.

Furthermore, the FairstartDanmark association has the function of promoting professional knowledge development and public awareness of FairstartGlobal, and children without parental care in Denmark and abroad.

The Fairstart Foundation organization offers a research-based and documented education system, easily applicable in almost any local language. Moreover - with its global and long-term perspective - the project will be able to support governments, NGO’s, and aid agencies in their efforts to set higher professional care standards for the growing number of abandoned children.

Fairstart Foundation offers a free and online education to everyone, who works with children without parents. The education covers all the basic aspects of childcare, illustrated with text and videos. It is based on a voluntary network of international researchers, instigated by the program creator, psychologist Niels Peter Rygaard from Denmark. Together with communication expert Morten Jac they have founded FairstartGlobal.

Read more about Fairstart here: www.fairstartglobal.com

We believe that the support association FairstartDanmark and Fairstart Foundationcan create a fair start for abandoned children, by providing state-of-the-art professional training to caregivers in orphanages or in foster families, at no expense for users.

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